Gallup: Only 7% of K-12 teachers want to carry guns in the classroom

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American teachers say they don’t want to be armed. They want more gun control.

Teachers don’t want guns in the classroom.

That’s the result of a Gallup poll released Thursday, which asked K-12 teachers the best ways of reducing shootings. One-third said gun control was the answer, 22% advocated banning assault rifles and certain types of guns, 19% suggested funding for better mental health care, 15% want more security at schools, including bulletproof windows and doors, and armed guards, and 10% want stricter background checks. Only 7% of teachers said they wanted guns in classrooms.

Other suggestions from teachers included: More resources, counselors and psychologists for teachers (6%), more parental involvement (4%), limiting exposure to video games and media coverage of shootings (3%, respectively), better communication and relationship-building between teachers and students and stronger “see something, say something” practices (2%, respectively).

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