Need to Know: These are the stocks that Wall Street wants to buy (and dump) right now

Are you riding all these market swings? Then you must be flat-out exhausted.

And the latest jolt higher looks set to continue, with lots of green out there.

So bullish I can’t sleep

— Ramp Capital♿️ (@RampCapitalLLC) March 27, 2018

Some are more than a little puzzled at this bipolar market:

“Did the trade war that everyone feared suddenly evaporate? Did China agree to cave and give us all of our demands? Did the surging Libor mystery finally get solved? Did the Fed stop paring its balance sheet? Did Elon Musk create a time machine that allowed us to bypass 1987, and go straight to 1988? I want to know what changed, because from the way I see it, nothing materially changed since Thursday or Friday,” says Mott Capital’s Michael Kramer.

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