The Margin: Lance Armstrong whistleblower Floyd Landis is now a cannabis businessman

Getty Images
Floyd Landis competes in the individual time trial on stage 6 of the AMGEN Tour of California on Feb. 20, 2009 in Solvang, Calif.

Here’s one way Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong’s former teammate, can spend the money he won in the legal case against the disgraced cyclist: on his marijuana business.

Landis, who blew the whistle on Armstrong over doping — and himself acknowledges using performance-enhancing drugs during his career — won $1.1 million from Armstrong in a decision announced by the government on Thursday. On top of that, Armstrong will pay $1.65 million to Landis to cover his legal costs related to the case, which claimed Armstrong defrauded taxpayers by cheating while being sponsored by the U.S.

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