Key Words: George Will really doesn’t like ‘oleaginous’ Mike Pence, but he loves big words

George Will, the conservative political commentator once hailed as “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America” by The Wall Street Journal, says Mike Pence has dethroned Donald Trump as “the most repulsive public figure.”

Go ahead and read his full smackdown of the vice president in the Washington Post if you’re so inclined, but you might want to have your dictionary handy, because Will dropped all sorts of fancy SAT words to make his point.

Here’s just a sample:

‘The hosannas poured forth… the oleaginous Mike Pence… today’s lickspittle Republican Party… a mobocratic spirit’

Of course, his piece triggered the predictable political firestorm across social media, but it also drew plenty of props for its flowery vocabulary:

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