NewsWatch: An indicator that’s ‘90% accurate’ suggests hidden strength in the stock market


The U.S. stock market may feel particularly risky right now, as major indexes have been volatile throughout 2018 and there are a number of headwinds that investors are monitoring, but things may not be as bad as they seem. See full story.

‘We were kidnapped in Mexico’—couple tells of an engagement trip gone horribly wrong

As authorities crack down on drug dealers, tourists find themselves in the crosshairs. See full story.

Post office blames U.S. government — not Amazon — for billion-dollar loss

The U.S. Postal Service placed most of the blame for the $1.3 billion it lost in its fiscal second quarter on the government’s “inflexible” policy, and some of it on inflation and a decline in first class mail, but it did not blame any of it on delivery deals made with customers, like Amazon.com Inc.

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