Intel’s latest foray: Powering the internet of things

There are varying views on timing, but no one in the technology field doubts that the coming wave of IoT (internet of things) products will bring about a big shift in how we interact with tech.

IoT products will provide consumers with new ways to access and process information, while also supplying a significant addressable market for the hardware and software companies that get it right.

Intel INTC, +1.34% is not known as a company poised to take on IoT at the edge, where consumer devices will exist. Most have assumed that chip companies more ingrained in the cell phone and embedded markets would dominate there, including Qualcomm QCOM, +1.91% Texas Instruments TXN, +2.01% and even NXP Semiconductors NXPI, -1.10% Intel has generally not been considered one of the leading innovators in IoT.

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