Yes, save twice your salary by the time you’re 35 — and 7 other things you should do

By 35, you should have an entire kitchen cabinet dedicated to plastic bags, insist on making plans with friends (without ever actually hanging out with them) and know how to spell bananas. That’s the gospel on what to achieve by 35, according to Twitter TWTR, -2.29% .

You also should have watched twice as many Netflix NFLX, -0.06% series as you’ve finished, have at least three library books that are 30 years overdue, and have eaten a kale salad in public while wearing sunglasses, others added. Perhaps you should have also married a British prince.

These suggestions are part of the viral “By 35” meme that started a week ago in response to a MarketWatch article about saving for retirement in your 30s.

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