The Wall Street Journal: U.S. to allow another 15,000 unskilled foreign workers on temporary H-2B visas

WASHINGTON—The Department of Homeland Security said Friday it would provide businesses another 15,000 H-2B visas to bring low-skilled foreign workers to the U.S. this summer, offering a modest infusion to the popular program.

The number of visas available each year for seasonal work is capped by statute at 66,000, evenly divided between the summer and winter seasons. Congress declined to lift that cap during negotiations this spring. It did, however, give the secretary of homeland security authority to issue up to 69,000 more this summer if she determines there is sufficient need.

A range of businesses—including fisheries, landscapers and those in summer tourist spots—have complained about worker shortages and have been waiting to see if Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will use that authority.

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