Weekend Sip: A spoonful of sugar makes this 19th-Century gin go down

The bottle:Citadelle Extremes No. 1 “No Mistake” Old Tom Gin, $55

The back story: As we head into summer, our thoughts turn to gin, the spirit with that dry, juniper-y bite that seems tailor-made for sipping in warm weather. But what if traditional gin is just a little too dry for one’s taste?

As for the playful ’No Mistake’ name, it comes from a moniker once applied to gin itself, at least as reported by Charles Dickens back in 1836.

Enter Old Tom gin, a sweetened style that has its roots in the 19th Century. It’s not very popular today, but Citadelle Gin, a French brand, has been known for taking an outside-the-box approach and worrying less about what fashion dictates.

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