The New York Post: Dancing FBI agent does backflip at bar, accidentally shoots patron

He was trying to bust a move but ended up busting a cap.

An off-duty FBI agent dropped his gun doing a backflip on the dance floor of a Denver bar — then accidentally shot a fellow reveler while scrambling to pick up the piece, according to a report.

This @FBI agent was dancing at a Denver bar on Saturday night. Did a back flip, gun falls. He picks it up and a round is fired, hitting a man (he’ll be ok.) @DenverPolice investigating. #9Newspic.twitter.com/MwV1WpNzAQ

— Ryan Haarer (@RyanHaarer) June 3, 2018

The unidentified G-man was dancing up a storm at the Mile High Spirits bar around 12:45 a.m.

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