Adyen IPO could unleash a backlog of fintech ‘unicorns’

Though U.S. investors aren’t able to trade shares of Adyen NV, the company’s public debut could still give an opportunity to investors interested in young financial-services companies.

Financial-technology companies have largely hesitated to go public in recent years, in part due to concerns about credit exposure. But the Wednesday IPO of Dutch payment processor Adyen ADYEN, -4.11% , now valued at more than $15 billion, may prompt peers to test the public markets both in the U.S. and abroad.

“Having a successful company like Adyen go public gives a pat on the back to other fundamentally disruptive companies that are redoing the financial services infrastructure that’s existed for decades,” said Rohit Kulkarni, the head of research at SharesPost, which facilitates secondary transactions for shares of private companies.

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