NerdWallet: 10 ways to create the perfect foodie vacation

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.

The recipe for the perfect foodie vacation is simple: Combine equal parts adventure, conversation and well-loved regional specialty dishes — and a dash of surprise and delight.

If you love to eat and travel, it’s an irresistible combination. That’s why making it a priority to discover tasty treats on your next getaway might be the best decision you ever make. Here’s how you can spice up the itinerary on your next trip, according to four food and travel bloggers.

Make a must-try list

When planning a trip, food and travel blogger JB Macatulad always starts by asking, “’What are the national dishes?…If we go to certain cities, like Yogyakarta or Bandung [in Indonesia], are there regional specialties that we can only find there that we should try?’” After compiling a list, he starts looking for well-reviewed restaurants in the area that serve these specialties.

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