Why 50% of LGBT Americans are in the closet at work

When Christine, at 25-year-old student who identifies as queer began to do rounds at local health clinics where she attends medical school in Missouri, she felt she had to keep much of her personal life obscured.

“Working in a very conservative area, it feels like I am not able to be myself,” she said. “When they ask me about my dating life, or when I plan to get married, I just give ambiguous short answers.”

Members of the LGBT (lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender) community who aren’t out of the closet in the workplace report isolation, depression, and exhaustion. The doctor-in-training, who asked to withhold her last name for this story, is one of 46% of LGBT Americans who remain closeted in the workplace, according to a report released Monday by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

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