The Margin: Wildfire smoke gives San Francisco views the look of an Instagram filter

San Francisco is already one of the most Instagrammed places in the country. But Sunday morning, the city itself looked like it was inside an Instagram filter.

Smoke from nearby Northern California wildfires blanketed the Bay Area, and combined with fog to create a surreal, sepia-toned look.

Noe Valley, San Francisco, 11am today.

Smoke from the Northern California fires is filtering the sunlight. It’s like looking through amber-colored sunglasses.@NoeValleySF@KarlTheFogpic.twitter.com/1PqC9pvqpk

— A Solid Six Out Of Ten Bob Horowitz (@bats1234) July 1, 2018

Today there is heavy fog in San Francisco and big fires north of here and the smoke and ash are mixing with the fog and making everything sepia toned.

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