The New York Post: Canada begins imposing tariffs on $12.6 billion of U.S. goods

Canada on Sunday began imposing tariffs on $12.6 billion worth of American goods like ketchup, pizza and iron in a tit-for-tat retaliation for President Donald Trump’s slapping fines on steel and aluminum imported into the United States, according to reports.

Trump placed the 25% tax on steel and 10 percent on aluminum on June 1 against American allies Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

In retaliation, Canada slapped 25% tariffs on steel and iron, while hitting 250 other U.S. goods including maple syrup, dishwasher detergent, coffee beans and strawberry jam with a 10 percent penalty, the Associated Press reported.

The Trump administration said Canada was a national security threat because of the imports even though the country is the U.S.

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