New ‘Family Feud’-style game show wants to pay off your student loans

“My wife and I struggled with student debt and could only pay it off because — true story — I booked an underpants commercial.”

That’s how Michael Torpey, best known for his portrayal of Thomas Humphrey in the Netflix NFLX, -1.92% show “Orange Is the New Black,” begins the pilot episode of his latest project: a comedy game show where the prize is paying off your student loans.

If you did a double take at that concept (and the underwear story), then Torpey has achieved his goal. “That’s the point of the show,” Torpey, 38, said, “to be so stupid that the people in power look at it and say, ‘That guy is making us look like a bunch of dum dums, we’ve got to go do something about this.

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