Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, the back-to-school shopping season is already under way

Amazon.com Inc.’s Prime Day-related discounts are already in place ahead of the July 16 start of the shopping event, leading competing retailers to push discounts and new offerings of their own and launch the back-to-school shopping season weeks ahead of years past.

Data from the Cardlytics 2018 Back-to-School Spend Report shows that the spending for the shopping season has been pushed up by Prime Day by nearly a month.

“Bricks-and-mortar. coms are catching on to the earlier spend and they’re executing earlier back-to-school campaigns to capture those dollars,” according to the report.

The Cardlytics data also shows that Prime Day shoppers are more valuable, spending 17% more at bricks-and-mortar stores and 16% more at bricks-and-mortar.

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