CryptoWatch: Coinbase says it’s exploring adding 5 news coins to its platform, as bitcoin slips

Coinbase, the most popular digital-currency platform in the U.S., late Friday said it is exploring adding five new cryptocurrencies to its suite of offerings, which currently includes bitcoin and Ethereum’s Ether.

Up for consideration is the following crypto quintet, according to Coinbase:

  • CardanoTicker:ADA—The asset is often likened to Ethereum, which offers smart-contract capabilities
  • Basic Attention TokenTicker:BAT—The coin has its roots in allowing advertisers to pay for user attention.
  • Stellar’s lumens Ticker: XLM—Stellar’s network has been prominent within the fintech circles
  • ZcashTicker:ZEC—Zcash is a popular privacy coin
  • 0xTicker: ZRX—The coin is an open protocol that are used for smart contracts and operate on the Ethereum blockchain, or distributed ledger

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