Trump tax cut gives U.S. workers a hard landing

Albania Bourdier is the person who, if President Donald Trump were a truth-teller, would be a big beneficiary of Trump’s corporate tax cut. The 44-year old gate agent for American Airlines’ Envoy Air commuter-airline subsidiary makes $13.50 an hour at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. She lives with her mother and 12-year old son in a one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment.

This month her union is in mediation with American Airlines Group AAL, +2.65% — which hasn’t given Bourdier a raise in three-and-a-half years she’s worked there, except those mandated by New York’s rising minimum wage. But the airline has bought back $11 billion of its stock since mid-2014, and authorized repurchases totaling $2 billion more by 2020.

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