In One Chart: Business is booming in this ‘socialist hellhole’ — just look at the skyline

It’s no Dubai, but Seattle is king of cranes in the United States.

For the third year in a row, the Emerald City has ridden the explosive growth of Amazon AMZN, -0.66% and the rest of its tech scene to top all others by one telling growth metric: 65 towering construction cranes dot its skyline, according to Rider Levett Bucknall data cited by the Seattle Times.

Or, as Mike Rosenberg, the author of the story, puts it: “Socialist hellhole leads nation in cranes, home price increases and pay increases.”

Here’s the full map (h/t Barry Ritholtz):

As you can see, Seattle has more than twice as many cranes as any other city aside from the much larger metropolises of Chicago with 40 and L.A.

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