She posted a photo on Facebook moments before taking her own life — it took her family days to remove it

Gillian Luchejko, a 46-year-old client services manager in New Jersey, first found out her sister Pamela Elarabi posted a photo of herself on the social-networking site Facebook as she prepared to take her own life when it appeared on the top of Luchejko’s own feed.

On the evening of Friday, June 22, around 9 p.m., after several cryptic text posts on her page throughout the day, Elarabi posted an image in which she appeared to be attempting suicide. The photo was public, so anyone looking at Elarabi’s Facebook page could see it.

Elarabi had been publishing increasingly despairing status updates on her page in the preceding months, Luchejko said, so her sister was not sure what to make of the image.

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