Punches, kicks and gunpowder: What goes into making a 4DX movie

There’s a scene in the trailer for Sony’s SNE, -0.28% “Venom” where the alien symbiote emerges from Eddy Brock’s arm, black and slimy, and proceeds to speak with him.

It’s a disturbing prospect, but Daniel Yi, the art director at CJ 4DPLEX, is focused on one thing: How would a person experience that in real life? That’s what he ponders every day at his job.

CJ 4DPLEX’s signature creation, 4DX, has been touted as a way for moviegoers to actually “experience” the films they watch. In some ways similar to an immersive theme park ride, 4DX auditoriums feature moving chairs, wind and fog machines, rain makers and different scents that waft into the space depending on the scene.

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