After another man is arrested for groping a woman on a plane, women speak out about #MeToo at 35,000 feet

Several years ago, when she was traveling as a passenger on a flight, Sara Nelson woke up to an assault: Her inebriated seatmate, a man she didn’t know, was groping her breasts and her crotch.

As a trained flight attendant, Nelson thought she would know what to do. But she found herself frozen, scared to call for help and risk potentially escalating the attack or — worse — that she wouldn’t be believed.

“It was confusing and mortifying,” said Nelson, now the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants, a union representing 50,000 workers. “From a personal experience, I can understand what it’s like for a victim to go through all of that and wonder if you should report it, or if someone will believe you and care.

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