Gold medal-winning figure skater sues government over refusal to deem her ‘extraordinary’

courtesy Susan Fortino-Brown
Christina Carreira, a gold and silver international medal winner, is suing to overturn an immigration decision that she wasn’t eligible for a visa deeming her ‘extraordinary.’

One top-ranked Canadian-born ice skater wants to bring America the gold, but immigration authorities say she’s not special enough to deserve a path to citizenship.

Now she’s suing to overturn the denial, and her lawyers say the rejection shows how the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is becoming more “denial oriented” on employment visas bids under President Donald Trump.

Christina Carreira is one half of a team that’s lit the ice on fire. She and her partner, Anthony Ponomarenko, are the world’s top junior ice dance team and have racked up 10 medals — including four gold medals — in international competition since 2016.

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