The Tell: Here’s what you get when you stick a bunch of investing wonks on an island

The event: Stocktoberfest West. The host: StockTwits. The location: I can see Mexico from my balcony! The topic: Markets and lots of other stuff.

Maybe it was all that Coronado sun, or perhaps it was the open bar talking, but a cynical gathering of journalists and Wall Street grumblers this was not. In fact, the mood at the event was rather festive, especially considering the recent news flow.

StockTwits CEO Ian Rosen, a former MarketWatch general manager, hailed Stocktoberfest as his “favorite day of the year,” and he got the fun started with a brief introduction. From there, the parade of speakers included investors, entrepreneurs and Finance Twitter types, broken up into easily digestible 20- to 30-minute chunks.

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