Capitol Report: President Trump’s ‘despicable’ tweet draws Willie Horton comparison, harsh rebuke from ex-Florida GOP chairman

President Donald Trump appealed to voter fear on Wednesday when he tweeted a racially charged, pro-GOP ad beginning with this phrase: “Illegal Immigrant, Luis Bracamontes, Killed Our People!” The minute-long video, which has been viewed almost 3 million times, includes several news clips of the migrant caravan that has become an apparent thrust of the president’s closing message the midterms.

Bracamontes is an undocumented immigrant convicted of murder in February after being deported multiple times. Two members of the Sacramento County, Calif., sheriff’s department were killed in his crime spree. In the ad tweeted by Trump, which reads “Democrats let him in, Democrats let him stay,” Bracamontes is heard saying he wished he’d killed more officers.

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