The Wall Street Journal: Thousands of Google workers stage walkout to protest response to sexual harassment

Thousands of Google employees around the world staged a series of walkouts Thursday to protest a workplace culture that they say promotes and protects perpetrators of sexual harassment at the tech giant.

The organizers of the walkout — which began in Asia and spread to Google’s offices worldwide — published a letter demanding that the company change its policies to make it safer for women to report instances of sexual harassment and make those reports more transparent to the entire company.

“There are thousands of us, at every level of the company,” the letter said. “And we’ve had enough.”

Over one thousand Google employees and allies are gathered at Harry Bridges Plaza in #SF as part of today’s #GoogleWalkout@sfchroniclepic.twitter.com/mRaUPXP9z7

— Jessica Christian (@jachristian) November 1, 2018

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