Next Avenue: This is what it’s like to be a rock star’s mom

This article is reprinted by permission from NextAvenue.org.

Memoirs from musicians are fairly common, but how often do we hear from the mothers of famous rock stars? In her debut book, “From Cradle to Stage,” Virginia Hanlon Grohl (mother of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl) opens up about her life as a rock mom and intertwines the experiences of 18 other mothers of household-name musicians.

Virginia Hanlon Grohl spoke with Verna Griffin, mother of Andre Young (Dr. Dre) about raising her son as a teenager among abuse, death and riots in Compton, Calif; with Amy Winehouse’s mother Janis about navigating Amy’s early rise to fame and subsequent struggles and with Val Matthews, mother of Dave Matthews, about single-parenting four children, moving back and forth between the U.S.

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