The Margin: Gripes and laughter in wake of report that Amazon won’t pick a single city for ‘HQ2’

The Wall Street Journal scoop after midday Monday revealed that Amazon.com Inc.’s AMZN, +0.31% 14-month-old quest to choose a North American city in which to place a second, and essentially coequal, headquarters might not quite yield that result. Amazon, according to the Journal, has decided — anticlimactically enough — to split its so-called HQ2 in two.

With strong indications that the reported late-stage negotiations with Crystal City, Va., meant that Washington, D.C., suburb would now become one of two municipalities selected, close observers were left wondering which of the other 19 shortlisted cities might attract the second half of HQ2, or, one might say, Amazon’s HQ1.5b.

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