Capitol Report: This government mortgage program helps veterans with spotty credit history and gets better results

Tammie Sohnrey
Greg and Tammie Sohnrey with their children.

Greg Sohnrey came home from Iraq in 2010 so badly injured the Veterans Administration said the then-30-year-old would never work again.

But for Sohnrey, that experience paled next to losing a baby daughter, then watching two young sons go under a surgeon’s knife to repair holes in their hearts.

Although it meant more upheaval, Sohnrey and his wife, Tammie, decided to move their family to Seattle from Texas, for what they believed would be better-quality pediatric care. And once there, they decided to become homeowners. As Sohnrey put it, “We just didn’t want to move around anymore, Just wanted to settle down into a house and not pay rent.

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