The New York Post: Criminal charges for trio in GoFundMe scam for homeless man

Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbit, photographed last fall.

The heartwarming story of a New Jersey couple whose GoFundMe campaign raised over $400,000 to lift a homeless veteran out of poverty was “completely made up … to make people feel bad,” prosecutors revealed Thursday, as all three were charged with the massive scam.

Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico started the online fund drive in November 2017, claiming that vagrant Johnny Bobbitt had spent his last $20 to buy McClure a tank of gas when her car broke down along I-95 outside Philadelphia.

But the couple, who officials said were hard up for cash themselves, had actually known Bobbitt for at least a month, occasionally spotting him $10 or a cup of coffee as he panhandled near an underpass by Philly’s SugarHouse Casino, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office said in a Thursday press briefing.

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