A VC-backed startup thinks it can take a fresh approach to rent-to-own

Divvy Homes
The landing page for San Francisco-based startup Divvy Homes, which says it’s trying to be a “modern rent-to-own” company.

Divvy Homes wants to change the way you buy your home. It also wants to change the way you rent your home. And in the process, it wants to change one of the housing market’s oldest business models – one that’s been fraught with pitfalls in the past.

San Francisco-based Divvy, which on Tuesday announced a $30 million funding round from famed venture capitalists Andreessen Horowitz, calls itself a “fractional homeownership company.”

To many housing advocates, it looks like the familiar “rent-to-own” model that has stumbled before, either by ensnaring consumers in clearly predatory schemes, or by failing to make work for anyone what’s often described a “win-win.

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