Love & Money: Who pays for the stepchildren in a blended family?

Bobbi Rebell and her husband are both in their second marriages — and that creates a myriad of emotional and financial complications.

When they married more than 10 years ago, her husband had a 6-year-old and 9-year-old with his first spouse. They had one son together. “I consider him the youngest of three,” she said. Rebell says she never looked at her husband’s children as anything other than her own. They both agreed that she would be their stepmother and take full financial responsibility for them too.

Rebell, the voice behind the Financial Grownup Podcast, and her husband live in New York City and have custody of his first two children, but she acknowledges how hard it would be if the children were viewed differently — or if they saw themselves differently because of their parents’ spending.

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