‘Yellow vest’ protests in France have pushed company meetings to U.K., says CEO of hotel giant IHG

France’s “yellow vest” movement is making itself heard from Paris to Provence, but its rallying cry is reverberating in an unexpected place: Britain.

Holiday Inn owner Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG, -0.54%IHG, +0.81% has seen a rise in company-meeting relocations across the Channel among executives fearing the protests in France.

The “gilets jaunes” protesters, who have been railing against French President Emmanuel Macron and his government, have caused chaos in cities across the country, setting fire to buildings and smashing shop fronts.

Keith Barr, chief executive of IHG, the world’s biggest hotels group, told MarketWatch that companies seeking to gather their HLT, -0.44% European employees have been dodging France.

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