Key Words: Weather and climate expert explores why he’s often asked whether he believes in global warming but not gravity

TED Talks
J. Marshall Shepherd during a TEDxUGA Talk in March 2018.

J. Marshall Shepherd, a distinguished professor of geography and atmospheric sciences at the University of Georgia, employed a tidy metaphor during a TED Talk last year in Athens, Ga., to explain once and, he might well have hoped, for all how we can experience cold and snowy weather conditions — the punishing polar vortex earlier this winter, for example, or Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s nearly whited-out presidential-campaign announcement, which prompted a dismissive tweet from President Trump and a correction by the National Resources Defense Council, or Wednesday’s snowstorm in Washington, which shuttered schools and much of the federal government — without undermining the scientific consensus that the planet is warming dangerously:

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