Market Extra: ‘Flashboys’ exchange IEX rolls out first-ever TV ad campaign as war over stock-exchange fees intensifies

IEX is kicking off a targeted TV advertising campaign that is likely to ratchet up hostilities in an industry donnybrook over fees that some of the biggest stock exchanges charge customers.

The ad takes the form of a spoofy late-night infomercial, with a pitchman intoning to a studio audience: “Now, tell me: Are you one of those folks who needs to connect to the traditional stock exchanges? Then, I’m about to show you something that you cannot succeed without, literally,” as he holds up what he refers to as “Wonder cable” — a basic yellow internet cable.

“This cable looks ordinary, right? And it is, but plug it into your trading systems, and whoa! — you open up a whole new world of shockingly basic access to those fusty old exchanges and the data they distribute.

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