5 life lessons from Steve Irwin on his birthday

Crikey, there’s a lot to learn from Steve Irwin.

The late TV personality and wildlife conservationist would have turned 57 on Friday, which was marked by the Google Doodle honoring “The Crocodile Hunter” with a slideshow celebrating his life and legacy.

Irwin’s parents opened the Beerwah Reptile Park in Queensland, Australia in the early 70s, according to his official bio, and he grew up among the snakes, crocs and other apex predators in the family park (known as the Australian Zoo today) developing a great love and respect for wildlife that grew into his life’s work. He became a household name after he and his wife Terri filmed what would become the first episode of their hit series “The Crocodile Hunter” while on their honeymoon in 1992, which he used as a platform to get other people as passionate about animals as he was.

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