Need to Know: The $1 reason to keep buying one of the S&P’s hottest stocks: Netflix

There’s been some fist-bumping among the Netflix faithful this week, as the video streamer’s “Roma” walked away with multiple honors at Hollywood’s Oscars.

While that critical favorite didn’t win best picture, some say it’s only a matter of time before the here-and-now company busts down the doors of an age-old industry and grabs that top prize.

Investors, though, have had little to complain about given red-hot shares of Netflix NFLX, -0.21% , up 32% so far this year and the second-best gainer on the S&P 500, just behind GE GE, +2.30% . To be sure, some out there have altitude sickness given the trajectory of this market, and sizzling performances by companies like Netflix.

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