NewsWatch: The current bubble could take 2 paths on this chart — one’s nastier than the other


So, when is the Federal Reserve going to start buying up millions of homes? Assuming the answer is never, Charles Hugh Smith of the Of Two Minds blog says prices are going to start falling hard across. See full story.

Citron’s Andrew Left sells out of China’s Tesla rival Nio

Andrew Left of Citron Research has sold his Nio Inc. holdings, the noted short seller tells MarketWatch. Nio ADRs jumped 12% on Tuesday, and are up more than 50% since its IPO. See full story.

Buffett criticizes others for using non-standard accounting — but he does too

Buffett admits he overpaid for Kraft, after Kraft Heinz took a $15 billion charge-off that flowed through to Berkshire, but he won’t give up on finding more big acquisitions See full story.

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