Here’s what’s on Angie’s list: helping homeowners find the right roofer, and encouraging the entrepreneurs who build the economy

ANGI Homeservices Inc.

Remember 1995? Coolio was singing “Gangsta’s Paradise.” The internet was a niche product for select early adopters and offered by two major companies, Prodigy and America Online.

And Angie Hicks, a small-town Indiana girl just out of college, was living alone in an unfamiliar city, peddling an unproven business model. Hicks, who has publicly described herself as shy, was going door to door to convince people to buy subscriptions to a home improvement review service that didn’t yet have any reviews.

Two decades later, AOL is all but dead, but Angie’s List endures.

Thanks to a recent merger, the company has an even bigger reach than before, by most measures.

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