Key Words: Ocasio-Cortez is a ‘pompous little twit’ and a ‘garden-variety hypocrite,’ says former Greenpeace Canada president

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to draw fire from her critics on the right for her Green New Deal, but the New York Democratic congresswoman is making fresh headlines this weekend for getting slammed by what would seem an unlikely voice: a former president of Greenpeace Canada.

Here’s what Patrick Moore, who left his high-ranking role at Greenpeace decades ago, had to say on Twitter TWTR, -0.52% about her:

‘You’re just a garden-variety hypocrite like the others. And you have ZERO expertise at any of the things you pretend to know.’

He launched his latest criticism at Ocasio-Cortez — there have been others — following a piece in the New York Post, which called her out for claiming the environmental high ground while riding around in planes and gas guzzlers.

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