The New York Post: New York City closes schools ahead of fierce winter storm

New York City schools are closed Monday — the first snow day of the entire school year — and commuters braced for a slippery, messy trip to work as a wintery storm was set to bear down on the Big Apple.

Mayor de Blasio announced Monday’s schools closure, as well as the cancelation of all after-school activities, Sunday evening.

Earlier in the day, city Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito said, “I think our most critical time will be [Monday morning’s] rush hour. That’s why we’re urging people stay off the roads.”

Alternate-side parking was suspended through Wednesday, de Blasio added.

After the snowfall, up to 25 mph winds are predicted to come roaring through the city Monday, making the expected high of 40 degrees feel more like the 20s, experts said.

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