: Sorry, but that $1,100 standing desk won’t make you thinner

You might want to sit down for this.

Standing desks won’t make you lose weight, and they also don’t make you significantly healthier or more productive, according to a new analysis of 53 sit-stand desk studies.

Dr. April Chambers, a bioengineer and assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh, collaborated with Dr. Nancy A. Baker, an associate professor of occupational therapy at Tufts University, and Dr. Michelle M. Robertson, an executive director for the Office Ergonomics Research Committee, to determine how effective sit-stand desks (aka SSDs) are for workers. They wanted to know whether SSDs actually got workers to sit less and move more; whether they improved cardiovascular health and memory, while reducing fatigue and obesity; how they affected mood and confidence; if they eased musculoskeletal discomfort (like back and neck pain); and whether they helped improve workers’ postures at their computers.

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