Key Words: A Republican senator is proposing his own climate-change plan. Just don’t call it the ‘Green New Deal’

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Sen. Lamar Alexander

A Republican senator on Monday took to the Senate floor to discuss what’s bothering him. It wasn’t the Mueller investigation, or Hillary Clinton or estate taxes, either.

“Mr. President, I believe climate change is real. I believe that human emissions are a major cause of climate change. And I believe the Democratic plan for climate change — which the senator from Texas [John Cornyn] spoke about, the Green New Deal, is so far out in left field that not many are going to take it seriously.”

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee

The former presidential candidate said he is proposing a “new Manhattan Project for clean energy,” to create breakthroughs in advanced nuclear reactors, natural gas, carbon capture, batteries, greener buildings, electric vehicles, cheaper solar power and fusion.

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