Upgrade: 8 insider secrets to landing a comfortable seat on the airplane

Getting your seat to fit in an airplane seat just got a lot harder.

From shrinking the amount of legroom, to making seats less padded with skinnier armrests, to creating seats that don’t recline at all, airlines are making flying more uncomfortable than ever. But here are eight secrets to scoring a (more) comfortable airline seat:

Choose an airline that has more legroom. Every inch counts: Though you’re not likely to get a ton of extra legroom without paying extra, some airlines do tend to give an extra inch or two in economy. JetBlue JBLU, +1.11% is on the more generous side (about 32 inches on average) on average, says George Hobica, the founder of AirfareWatchdog.com — and the airline even announced this week that its A320 planes were getting wider seats.

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