Livability: The best U.S. cities to raise a family

We all have fond memories of our childhood hometown — summer nights playing outside with the neighbor kids until dusk, pancakes at the local diner with mom and dad, and the special teachers who stayed late to go over a tricky assignment.

Cities are so much more than a collection of houses, schools and businesses; they help shape our personality and are often a large part of our identity. Knowing the important role that place plays in growing up, Livability’s data scientists and editors once again searched the country looking for the absolute best places to raise a family.

There are so many factors that contribute to having a happy family life and childhood, which is why we used a diverse set of kid-friendly measures to come up with our 2018 list, such as the availability (and affordability) of day care, the number of other kids to play with, the quality of local schools, transportation options, cost of living, and number of parks and libraries.

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