Maybe your teen’s Snapchat obsession isn’t so harmful after all

Parents of screenagers can cut themselves some slack.

While about two-thirds of parents in a recent Pew survey say that they are concerned about their teens spending too much time in front of screens, new research from the University of Oxford assures that screen time — even before bed — has little impact on teen well-being.

The research team analyzed data from more than 17,000 adolescents from the U.S., the U.K. and Ireland, using both self-reported measures and time-use diaries to get a more accurate picture of how much time each teen spent on a screen each day, as well as what they were doing on them, such as playing video games, chatting and texting with friends, sending emails or browsing the internet, scrolling through social media sites like Facebook FB, -0.17% , Twitter TWTR, +0.87% and Snapchat SNAP, +4.96% ; and watching TV, films, videos or DVDs.

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