Capitol Report: CEOs set to go under microscope at House hearing on ‘holding megabanks accountable’

The CEOs from seven giant U.S. banks look set to get tough questions on Wednesday, as they appear before a Democratic-run House committee.

The banks aren’t likely to face strict new laws while Washington remains mostly in Republican hands, but they could end up in trouble if a chief executive makes a mistake while under a magnifying glass on Capitol Hill, analysts say.

“There’s a small risk of an unexpected slip-up at the hearing. Of the seven executives, several have little experience facing a hostile group of lawmakers,” said Capital Alpha Partners analyst Ian Katz in a note. The CEOs will have been coached ahead of time by their staffs, and they’ve known for months that the hearing was coming, but that “doesn’t mean one of them can’t misspeak, or inadvertently transmit a tone that angers the lawmakers,” Katz added.

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