The Margin: Why JPMorgan’s Dimon says he was ‘confused’ by question about bank’s next CEO being a woman or person of color

JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon on Friday said he was ‘confused’ by a question about diversity posed to him and other bank bosses at a hearing on Capitol Hill earlier this week.

But also I was confused by the question ‘likely’ without a timetable.

Jamie Dimon

On Wednesday, CEOs from the nation’s largest banks were asked by Democratic Rep. Al Green if their “likely successor will be a woman or a person of color.”

None of the CEO’s responded in the affirmative.

After Green reframed his query to focus on a timeline of succession over the next decade, Dimon and Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman were the only bank chieftains to still not respond in the affirmative.

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