NewsWatch: Stocks are calm and volume has dried up — is this the ‘calm before the storm’?


When volatility died down twice last year, stocks crashed, writes Simon Maierhofer. See full story.

Here’s how long you’ll live — and how much of that will be healthy years

This longevity calculator includes quality of life. See full story.

Have nothing saved for retirement? Follow the ‘austerity’ solution

Play time is over — it’s time to sock away half of your paycheck. Yes, half, says Jared Dillian. See full story.

Sell your home with a Realtor or an algo? Maybe both.

The embrace of a technology-driven approach to buying and selling by the brokerage most keenly associated with real estate agents points more to the increasingly blurred lines between the two approaches than to an affirmation of one over the other.

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